Access to the websites of OMG/GWO S.A. has undergone some changes.
So our readers will have a clearer idea of the contents of the material held, both on international current affairs and on the world economy, over time and space, the websites maintained by OMG/GWO S.A. have been subdivided as follows:

  • Website with access free of charge, presenting the activities of OMG/GWO S.A. http://www.omggwo.org/

  • Website with access requiring payment by credit card, allowing consultation of the regularly updated files relating to the areas of expertise of OMG/GWO S.A.

  • Website with restricted access through Login and Password, reserved for internal use and use by Members and Associates of OMG/GWO S.A.

    We thank for your interest in OMG/GWO S.A.

    Last up dated January 01 st , 2020